Teaching children to communicate with the world.

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Teaching children to communicate with the world.















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HiPe Kids

Your child will enjoy their fun and interactive lessons with a native English teacher. Our video conferencing lessons will help your child become more confident and fluent when speaking English.


Teaching method

Our approach focuses on spoken communication and follows the Cambridge English programme – the standard for English language learning required by many schools from primary to higher education!


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In just a few clicks your child can start speaking English. All you have to do is register, choose a time slot and a teacher, and your child can take his first lesson online.



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HiPe Kids offers :

Individual and Duo English lessons

HiPe Kids offers both individual and duo English lessons that are personalised, according to specific needs, difficulties, and the functioning and interests of each individual child.

Online lessons

HiPe Kids offers real-time video support. Your child learns English on their computer by speaking with his teacher, in a quiet and safe environment at home.

Certified teachers, whose mother tongue is English

HiPe Kids only uses certified teachers, whose mother tongue is English and who follow a strict pedagogical programme. With HiPe kids, your child will learn with an English accent, through teachers actually residing in English speaking countries.

Interactive and Fun Activities

HiPe Kids offers fun and interactive activities so your children will actually enjoy learning through fun activities, gaining confidence and learning to express themselves easily in English.

25 minutes and 55 minutes learning formats

HiPe Kids uses 25 minutes and 55 minutes learning formats. The shorter formats concentrate on a specific lesson and are designed to maintain students’ maximum concentration, while longer formats are designed for those at higher learning levels.

Courses designed for all ages : from 3 to 21 years old

HiPe Kids courses are specially designed for all ages – 3 to 21 – and are adapted to the age and learning level of each student so that they improve their English progressively, step by step.

A method based on communication

HiPe kids focuses on communication. Our pupils learn through repeated practice, easily developing their communication skills, comprehension, pronunciation and even their grammar!

Cambridge English Programme Methodology

HiPe Kids uses the renowned Cambridge English courses, a learning method that is the international reference for English language teaching. It is a valuable support system for students in difficulty and an international recognition of language learning.

HiPe Kids teaching is motivating, friendly and proven to be successful!


What parents say about HiPe:


“My little ones have just had their second lesson this morning, it’s really great. The teacher listens patiently and makes it fun for them, and the children are motivated and engaged. We are so happy and so very grateful to have been told about HiPe Kids!”


“I wanted to say how much we enjoy the HiPe Kids concept. My son is enjoying his lessons and I see a real improvement.And his teacher Sandra is excellent, she pushes him just the right amount to keep him motivated and is always very encouraging. We are happy to continue with the lessons. And thank you for the effort on your part of extending your welcome offer.”