Before we converse, we must convert.
Your currency into HiPes!

Welcome to a new world of language learning. At HiPe Kids, we focus on authenticity and culture change. For the journey to be complete we wanted to go even further: changing currency.

HiPe Kids really rocks your bearings by changing your universe. For your children, the only passport is motivation. For you the parents, trust will be the only visa.

Just one formality: a bit of conversion, a lot of conversation! Once you have registered, top-up your account and jump into the HiPe Kids universe.

HiPe tokens! We’ve created them in the same spirit as our learning method: fun, effective and budget friendly!

The language journey is a real game.

Get ready for a most enjoyable and interesting language journey.

“So, let’s convert and let’s converse!”

Choose from three different types of lessons according to your needs

Base fee :1 HiPe = 4 €

Top-up your account with HiPe Tokens

For additional flexibility, we offer 4 language pack options to use according to your needs, with no imposed schedule.

Make the most of our discounted rates and save money! You can get free HiPes depending on the package you select.

Discovery Package

Discovery Package

20 Hipes


For 1 month of lessons*

80 euros

Bronze Package

Bronze Package

50 HiPes

+2 free HiPes

For 3 months of lessons*

200 euros

Silver Package

Silver Package

100 HiPes

+8 free HiPes

* For 6 months of lessons*

400 euros

Gold Package

Gold Package

150 HiPes

+14 free HiPes

* For 9 months of lessons*

600 euros

Reserve a lesson with the teacher of your choice.

Each time you reserve a lesson, your HiPe token basket will be updated**.

*Estimate given as an indication for 1 lesson of 25 min. per week.

**HiPes are valid for 1 year and can be used by all children in the family.