When Education meets Digital

For Parents, HiPe Kids offers…


All of our teachers are carefully selected for their relational and pedagogical qualities. They are certified and experts at what they do. We train them in our teaching methods and share the same values of compassion and professionalism.

Our course sessions are recorded. The exchanges between your child and teacher will be accessible for several days after the lesson for you to see. All recordings are deleted on Monday mornings.

Guaranteed results!

The HiPe Kids programme is known for its results. Through the personalised, individual support of our native English teachers, we guarantee that your child will make significant progress in the English language.

In order for you to closely follow your child’s progress, we supply progress reports of each course, noting the points acquired and those that need improvement.

HiPe Kids Offers: Ease, Flexibility and Freedom

No more lost time travelling to and from lessons, no stress or delay! HiPe Kids English video lessons allows your child to work conveniently from home at a time that suits you both, with many time frames available to you.

No need to constantly exchange money with the teacher. You easily book and pay for the lessons online.

Savings, without commitment

You are free to choose among several different Learning Packages according to your needs. We offer degressive and advantageous rates, which are adapted to you. A big saving for you, and no long-term commitment necessary.

For Children, HiPe Kids offers…

Increased self-confidence

Our teaching methods concentrate on actually “speaking” the language, so that your child can begin to easily communicate in English, increasing their confidence and opening them up to the world. The English language is no longer a barrier but a means of communication!

A Fun and Interactive Learning Method

What sets us apart? Learning through playful activities! The lessons offered by HiPe Kids are fun, colourful and extremely interactive so your children enjoy learning. They make progress effortlessly, enjoying their experience and looking forward to their next class.

School support

The Cambridge English programme follows the curriculum by improving oral and written comprehension. Our teachers adapt each course to the individual student according to their needs, expectations and interests. HiPe Kids supports the youngest ones to follow the school programme and prepares the older ones for pre-university exams!

International recognition

The Cambridge English programme is recognized by the best elementary and secondary schools. The English practice levels validated using the Cambridge English exams are required to integrate many university level exams. Your level of English will be recognised and certified!